Types of MYSTERY SHOPPING projects


Service quality assessment

You’ve developed your brand standards.  You’ve spent time and money training employees.  Assess whether standards are being met; evaluate your employees’ quality of service.


Voice of customer

High of customer satisfaction is a strong predictor of customer retention, customer loyalty, and product repurchase.​  Satisfaction surveys provide a cost-effective means of quickly collecting a large amount of data concerning product, delivery, staff, service, and price.


Benchmarking, Branch and trade partner assessment

A successful business strategy is necessarily based upon continuous information on the activity of key competitors – current products and prices, communication methods, client servicing process, strengths and weaknesses.


Campaigns and promotions implementation checks

Assess with mystery shoppers the teams, responsible for the implementation of sales campaigns and promotions – setting of the promo space, team clothing and behavior, active communication with target clients, delivery of key messages. Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns!

Implementation channels

The physical location is still the bread-and-butter of most businesses. We have mystery shoppers in every part of the country, trained to visit and evaluate any form of client servicing, following a scripted scenario of a typical customer visit and provide feedback on their experience and recommendations.

Do you think strategically about your company phones and emails? Telephone calls and company email are still a big part of your customer’s experience. We help you to ensure your contact centers, automated phone services, and company emails meet your customer’s needs.

Your website and shop is your storefront. It is often the client’s first impression of your business. We’ll help you find out if it’s doing its job. Our mystery shoppers will click, scroll, explore, and order from your website, carefully evaluating every step along the way.

NB: the best results from Mystery shopping are obtainted in case of periodic use of the service – depending on the type of business and the duration of the every implementation, we can set up a plan with a 1-, 3- or 6-month periodicity, or a subscription service plan.