Have fun while you are working!

The mystery shoppers visit or call restaurants, hotels, shops, and servicing centers, shopping or using their services as their clients. They monitor the compliance with defined requirements about the servicing. After each visit or call they fill in a questionnaire, where they note their impressions about the inspected location.

  • As a mystery shopper, you have a flexible working schedule and you get to pick the projects to participate in, in accordnace with your other engagements.
  • For your work, you receive a remuneration, which depends on the complexity of the project and the number of inspected business locations.
  • The better you manage your tasks, the more projects you will be invited to participate in and the greater a remuneration you will receive.

The tasks you can be assigned to, include:

  • visit of a business location /with or without a shopping obligation/
  • telephone inspection
  • email evaluation
  • online shopping