Any business which works with hired employees is suitable for a mystery shopper check. The success of a small restaurant or a cafe depends on the conscientious execution of the personnel’s responsibilities to the same extent as that of a production facility with tens of employees, or an insurance company with a great number of agents, offering its services. Upon request on your behalf we shall define the parameters to be inspected by the mystery shopper so as to suit the extent and type of your business to the greatest extent.

The price is formulated on the basis of the kind of service used, the type of business being inspected, the number and interval of contracted inspections, as well as the specifics of the project being executed. Please contact us to receive a pricing offer for a MYSTERY SHOPPER service for your business.

The number of inspections is defined for every particular client and project. For the purpose of authenticity of the result we offer inspections of a minimum of three mystery shoppers for every business location. The term between the inspections may vary between 1 day and 1 month. The effect of the service is however the greatest in case of periodic evaluations of the business, with the employees being informed and expecting the inspections.

The mystery shoppers are selected so as to fit to the greatest extent the profile of typical customer for the businesses they evaluate. The mystery shoppers are trained at every stage of their work with the purpose of being fully qualified for the tasks they execute.

Our experience shows that employees perform more conscientiously their duties when they are informed about the possibility of being inspected by a mystery shopper. A good alternative is informing the personnel between the first and the second inspection by a mystery shopper, for the purpose of comparing the results.