The size of the monthly income depends on the number of inspections that you perform are a mystery shopper, as well as on the number and type of projects that we have in your town and region. Approximately, the average monthly income of a mystery shopper varies in the range of BGN 200-700. The better you manage, the more projects you will be invited to participate in and the greater an additional income you will receive.

Не. Когато получим No. When we receive your CV as well as information about your interests, we define the project types we can initially assign to you. Afterwards we determine the opportunities for further assignments on the basis of the projects you have participated in and your successfulness. In the process of work you improve your qualifications as a mystery shopper and will be able to receive more assignments and to participate in projects with higher remunication.автобиография като кандидатура за таен клиент, в допълнение с информация като Вашите интереси, определяме типа проекти, които можем да Ви възложим първоначално. Впоследствие, на базата на реализираните задачи и успеваемостта Ви, преценяваме по-нататъчните възможности за ангажименти. В процеса на работа Вие увеличавате квалификацията си като таен клиент и можете да получавате повече задания и участия в проекти с по-добро възнаграждение.

After you are approved as a mystery shopper, you become part of a database of collaborators. When we have a project where your profile, qualifications, and desired inspection region fits, we contact you by email or telephone and we offer you to take the assignment. It is important for us to quickly receive feedback on your part about whether you will take the offered assignment – that is why a constant internet and telephone connection with our mystery shoppers is a must. Upon confirmation on your part, you receive the assignment.

The remuneration for a particular assignment is defined by the complexity of the project, your qualifications, and your successfulness with the tasks you have already implemented. The remuneration mandatorily includes a monetary part, and in a number of cases also includes a possibility for shopping or consumption, which amount up to a defined limit is paid back to the mystery shopper. Usually, a mystery shopping inspection takes less than 1 hour. In every case you will be informed about the remuneration of the particular project before taking up the inspection.

No. The mystery shoppers work on a flexible working schedule, in many cases as an additional employment towards their main employment. Upon accepting an assignment as a mystery shopper, you will sign a contract for execution of services for a particular term.