SEMANI BULGARIA is an agency specialized in mystery shopping. We implement projects focusing both on assessment of employee performance, and execution and evaluation of promotional campaigns and sales activations.

We are a reliable partner to businesses managing multiple employees, locations, and marketing activations.

Our services benefit our clients by providing an external, objective view of their activities and bringing the information to them in a timely, structured, and thorough analysis.

Service benefits:

  • Assessment of the quality of service
  • Evaluation of particular employees and assessment of the training needs of the personnel
  • Evaluation of the activity of subsidiaries, distributors and sales partners
  • Better knowledge of the competition
  • More effective promotional activations and campaigns on stimulating sales

Commitment to clients:

  • Personalized and flexible approach
  • Well trained and motivated mystery shoppers
  • Detailed analyses and reports
  • Coverage of the territory of Bulgaria

To our mystery shoppers:

  • Flexible working schedule
  • Supplementary income
  • Stimulating employment
  • Constant learning and feedback